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SponsorPay Unveils AppTrailer™ for iOS, Android and Facebook

New Solution Drives App and Game Downloads via Custom Video Trailers

SAN FRANCISCO – SponsorPay, the leading value-exchange advertising company, announced the launch of AppTrailer™, a new user acquisition product for iOS, Android and Facebook apps. AppTrailer™ engages users with a short video that showcases unique features and content of an app or game. At the video’s completion, viewers are presented with a customizable download screen where they can directly install the game or app. 

“Acquiring engaged users is priority number one for app developers and AppTrailer has proved to be very effective in this regard,” said Janis Zech, CRO and co-founder of SponsorPay. “It provides users with the right amount of information they need to make a download decision followed by easy access to the game or application.”

AppTrailer is already delivering impressive results. Install rates are consistently between two and six percent –substantially higher than other channels. Consequently, it is an incredibly cost-effective solution for application distribution.

“We’ve been using AppTrailer to promote our GameFinder app in several countries. We are very satisfied with the results and have been positively surprised by the high user quality,” said Jan Beckers, CEO and founder at leading games distribution company builder Hitfox Group.

SponsorPay offers a self-service dashboard to set up an AppTrailer™ campaign within minutes for developers that have a YouTube video available. For app developers that haven’t designed videos yet, SponsorPay offers a turnkey solution to create a trailer through a partner agency.  The platform works as a bid-based system that gives developers the ability to adjust their bids in real-time and arrive at an effective cost per install (CPI) whilst simultaneously steering user volumes.

SponsorPay has hundreds of value-exchange platform integrations across apps on iOS, Android, Facebook and the web, establishing itself as a leading user acquisition and monetization solution. The launch of the new product comes on the heels of a strong third quarter in which the company extended its platform by establishing new key partnerships and continues its exceptional growth in the mobile sector.